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Harjeet was based in Manchester and taught Indian Classical Music for over 40 years. A well-respected educationalist, Harjeet was influential in teaching Indian instrumental music in several settings, including mainstream schools, arts centres, and communities.


Harjeet was a pioneer in the UK, teaching both students and teachers to learn and promote Indian Classical Music. Designing and developing teaching techniques, Harjeet was able to adapt lessons to enable students to become proficient in their chosen instruments, which included western instruments playing Indian classical music.


Working for the World Music Team in Manchester, Harjeet's work encompassed collaborative projects which included ensembles of Russian and Indian music; this also involved a field trip with school children to St Petersburg. On his visits to India, Harjeet would constantly explore material that he could use with the children, and spent time working with other musicians to create compositions that would enable children to learn and gain a sense of achievement from their musical learning.


Harjeet was always focused on making a difference, and spent a lot of his time promoting music to those where accessibility was a challenge. Raising the confidence of the young people he taught, and also supporting good causes through offering performances, Harjeet had a passionate belief in encouraging and promoting talent amongst young musicians, and often commented that music is a force for good in the lives of children, bringing countless benefits to their well-being through participating in musical activities.

 A talented luthier, Harjeet would also repair instruments and often gift them to aspiring students; his benevolence to give was beyond measure. To pay tribute to Harjeet, the Harjeet Singh Music Bursary has been set up.

Harjeet Singh
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