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Kirtan Virdee

I have been playing the sitar since I was 4 years old, making it currently 12 years of this journey. Throughout these 12 years I have developed as a sitar player and a music mentor, been involved in performances and have had the opportunity to develop into a junior tutor, teaching beginners of all ages. Sitar has always been a major part of my life and after being kindly gifted a beautiful sitar from the Harjeet Singh Music Bursary, I have been able to explore the next stages of my learning and deliver higher quality lessons.

Playing an instrument has helped me in so many ways, developing crucial skills that improve my confidence and ability to concentrate. Whilst doing riyaaz (practicing) my whole life, I have been taught good concentration and focus helping me in all different aspects of my life, especially my schoolwork. It also gives me the ability to sit down and concentrate for long lengths of time.

The creativity of playing music also helps me with other, more creative subjects at school.
While practicing with my new sitar, I have loved being able to explore my self expression through music, as I now have trust that my sitar will allow me to experiment and try new things. I have been able to deeply connect to the instrument and understand the subtleties of the sound it creates. The pressure of having to loan an instrument has also been lifted, making it easier for my parents. As well as this, having my own sitar has allowed me to mentor students with no obstacles, as I can give clearer demonstrations with a higher quality sitar.

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