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Gurpal Singh Makan


Uncle ji was a fantastic and very humble musician who had a great passion for playing, singing and teaching Indian classical music.

As a young child, I was inspired by uncle ji's unique style and presentation whilst accompanying Ragis at Gurdwara.

I was extremely fortunate to start my sitar journey learning from Harjeet uncle ji (and Amar Singh Egan uncle ji) at Gurdwara and Cheadle college, where he taught many people (of all ages) the Sitar, Santoor and Surmandal. He was very supportive and an inspiration to all his students.

He was very talented and extremely kind, sharing his original compositions which he had composed in different ragas.

Joga singh


Uncle Ji, such a great soul who I remember meeting for the first time and sharing our passion for Indian Music. He was always encouraging of my singing and even introduced me to other vocalists to develop singing styles. May his passion and legacy to the love of music continue through this bursary.

Brian Hulme


I had the privilege and good fortune to be a friend and colleague of Harjeet Singh.

Working in schools, we shared a passion to inspire in our students a love and appreciation of our respective music specialities. Thanks to his influence, I developed an appreciation of Indian classical music, and an admiration of the technical skills involved in its execution. I had the good fortune to witness performances by Harjeet and notable artists not only on the stage, but in the comfort of his living room. From time to time, we also staged joint performances featuring our young players on diverse instruments such as sitar, tabla and balalaika. Purists may baulk, but Harjeet’s inspired approach, delivered with quiet firmness and understanding, led countless children to a real appreciation of Indian music in later life.

Harjeet was an inspirational influence for me beyond his professional life. He was an exceptional man, multitalented, yet modest, a man of real compassion and integrity with an inner conviction and calm unflappable manner born of beating ignorance and prejudice with reason and dignity. Thanks to Harjeet, I have come to appreciate and admire much of the Sikh tradition which underlay his approach to life and to his music. This outstanding project is truly worthy of the successful inclusive approach which Harjeet Singh established in his pioneering work

Harjit Singh


I met Harjeet Uncle at the Midlands Arts Centre where I attended a workshop that he was delivering. I was inspired by Harjeet and his abilities to adapt lessons and teaching techniques for Children. His style of teaching is something I have adopted in my role as Head of World Music in Birmingham....I am really privileged to have met him.

Parmjit Singh


Thank you so much for what you taught me

Roopa Panesar

East Midlands

Harjeet ji was a very kind soul and wonderful human being who served through music and teaching. He was incredibly supportive of me and other musicians. I remember meeting him after concerts that I would be playing in the North and I would always feel very touched and encouraged by his genuine support and humble nature. We will miss him. God bless your beautiful soul Harjeet ji. You were a kind and gentle soul and will be remembered always.



Harjeet Singh Ji was a very good musician and music teacher. Over the last 20 years I have known Harjeet ji, he was very kind and one of the finest human beings.
He introduced Sitar, Santoor, Surmandal, Dholak and Tabla to many schools in Greater Manchester. With his pure dedication to Indian music, passion and patience, he taught Raga music to Western and Asian children. 
As a Sitarist, he accompanied me to many devotional music concerts and we did a few mini ensemble performances together too. I came to know how to play and tune Santoor through him. He always used to say to me, you play good Piano, Harmonium and Keyboard; it should not be hard for you to play Santoor. Learn, practice and play this beautiful 'Saaz' . I practiced raga and folk tunes on Santoor, and we did a few concerts together of Santoor and Sitar. 
He always enjoyed my Bhajan-Kirtan and accompanied Sitar a few times. It was always a pleasure working with him. I will always remember him as a good musician in my music journey and a respected friend.

David Wainwright


I was appointed as leader of World Music in Manchester which consisted of a team of specialist musicians in the fields of steelpan, African drum, and Indian Classical music and dance. It was at this time I was introduced to Harjeet Singh as a sitar player and teacher. Together we were able to gain funding for a special project involving school visits by Dr Frances Sheperd, Clem Alford on sitar and Pandit Sharda Sahai on tabla, which served as a stimulus to expand interest in schools, which then became the basis for Harjeet’s full time programme of teaching in schools. Harjeet developed a unique approach incorporating tabla, sitar, and santoor and integrating the use of classroom instruments such as xylophones. His pupils were often featured in the various series of concerts set up by the Music Service in prestigious venues such as the Royal Northern College of Music.

Vajant Suwali


Privileged to have this man as my father in law. His legacy was compassion time and kindness. This Bursary would make him so proud. A beautiful epitaph to a great man.

Amar Singh Egan


I was approached in the early 60’s by Harjeet when he wanted to learn Tabla & Sitar from me, I was immediately impressed by his passion for Indian Classical music. Over the next 60 years our relationship continued, and I regarded Harjeet as my younger brother. He has made a tremendous contribution to teaching children and his gentle disposition was well recognised. During our relationship, Harjeet and I promoted music in Manchester by holding concerts for visiting artists. We often would also accompany Ragis (Visiting “Hymn” Singers) at the Gurdwaras in Manchester. I would describe my brother has a great person who demonstrated his love of music and supported those who needed his time and his good nature.

Keertan Kaur


I have worked as a freelance vocalist and vocal tutor in Leeds for many years. Under the charity South Asian Arts UK I became introduced to Uncle ji and his family. Uncle ji a wonderful musician himself had a passion for playing and singing classical music. I enjoyed teaching his family classical Kirtan and helping them continue Uncle Ji’s love for music. This music bursary in his honour is such a blessing for anyone to receive. He was passionate about the arts and to support in any way. I was kindly asked to perform at a family function in Manchester and fondly remember his kind words and appreciation.

Clare Compson


I have had the privilege of knowing Harjeet for many years, both as a colleague and a friend.
His enthusiasm was an inspiration for many, many people to gain a love for Classical Indian Music through playing.
He was a wonderful teacher; he showed endless patience and encouragement to all of his students, both young and old. Harjeet could put everyone at their ease in order to bring out the best in them, by his calm and friendly demeanour. Children LOVED his quiet manner.
At work, I witnessed him weather incidents of racism with great dignity. His good grace and obvious cultural superiority compared to some of the staff we had encountered, shone through!
He was the most hospitable friend, inviting me in to his home to meet his family, drink tea and chat together. There are many happy memories of time spent at his house!
Last but not least; I think of Harjeet's BONE DRY sense of humour. He loved a witty anecdote, and could always make people guffaw with his deadpan delivery!
What a wonderful way to keep his memory alive, by enabling the music to continue through this bursary. He would have wholeheartedly approved!

Justin Smart


Mr Singh was a great music teacher, I learned the sitar from him and he made it so easy for me to learn....Thank you

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